March 23, 2020

Thank You Wright Family!

Wright Family,

During this Thank you for continuing to Keep America Moving during this unprecedented time in our Nation. You are an essential part of the supply chain and without you our stores would be empty, our medical supplies wouldn’t get delivered and our farmers would not have feed. You have my commitment that we will defeat COVID-19 and get through this TOGETHER!

Our industry is an “essential provider” to support the people of this wonderful Nation. The majority of our customers have also been listed as “essential providers” to support our Nation. All of these “essential providers” are exempt from the shut downs that some states have put in place. My top priority is to make sure each of you stay safe and healthy, but we also have a responsibility to serve the people and the industries that we support.

It’s not time to panic, it’s time to prepare and make healthy decisions. We have a job to do and our Nation is depending on us to do our job!

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, we will get through this together!!

Daniel Wright, President
Wright Transportation, Inc.

2333 Dauphin Island Pkwy
Mobile, AL 36605
[email protected]