October 28, 2020

Employee Spotlight: Trina Hudson

#DriverSpotlight Trina Hudson is a generational trucker who followed in her father’s footsteps. Those footsteps helped pave the way for Trina to #DriveWright.

Trina’s father drove trucks for 45 years and she has driven for 28; 12 of those with Wright Transportation! She has always considered herself a ‘loner’ so being on the road alone is when she is “herself.” Some of her fondest memories growing up are riding with her father and helping him with some of his trucking duties. She misses those days.

Another thing that sticks in Trina’s mind from her childhood is her father telling her, “be the best at whatever you do…be professional and always be safe.” She finds
heartfelt pride in having the ability to know she is making her father proud.

What Trina enjoys most about working for Wright is the fact that they combine the positions of load planner and dispatcher into one. She says, “because of the combination of jobs, my dispatcher is able to plan according to where and how I like to run. I have never seen a company do anything like that.”

Trina recognizes that it always surprises people to see her physical size when she gets out of her truck. It is not every day you see a sub-5-feet tall, 100-pound woman be able to handle a truck just as well as anyone out there! She has worked very hard to never let her size get in the way of what she loves doing. Trina considers herself a workaholic so always enjoys being on the go.

One of her favorite activities to do outside of the truck is working in the yard.

We can’t ever say enough about our drivers or their loyalty, work ethic, and drive. Trina is a rockstar and we couldn’t do what we do without her and the rest of our Wright family. #DriveWright 🚚